Homebutler Washing Powder
Homebutler Washing Powder
Homebutler Washing Powder
We have our own factory in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.Facing the selection of multifarious trading company, we are an absolutely trustworthy business partner.
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Homebutler Washing Powder

Deep Stain Removal, Nonfading, Easy to Soak and Rinse, Natural Fragrance


Product Specifications

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Product Details

[Packaging] ISO 9001&ISO 14001 qualifications; Bright and fashionable package, product specifications and many other details make customers feel more reassured.

[Production lead time] 21 Days

[Loading Port] Port of NanJing


6 Main Reasons to Choose Us

1. Sufficient Productivity

We have been engaged in the detergent industry for more than 20 years and have formed a highly efficient management system. Our factory uses advanced equipment for production. All control points are operated by computers, which can stabilize the product quality and ensure the annual production of 100,000 tons and delivery in time.


-- 20 years of quality assurance in professional daily chemical process,provide OEM/ODM service, give customers personalized choices on specification, ingredient, fragrance type, etc, have rich experience in branding, offer one-stop service from concept to product!

-- Plastic bags, woven bags, boxes, cartons, buckets and other packaging forms are available.

3. Strong Manufacturing Strength

-- The company has a production base of 700,000 square meters, with advanced industrial equipment and sufficient production capacity;

-- Developed storage and delivery system, close to loading ports, convenient transportation, quick delivery.

4. Professional R&D Department

AoGrand Group has a professional R&D technical team in the industry that does completely independent research and development of cleaning products, and that has helped the marketing department establish a unique product style and brand image.

5. Strict Quality Management

-- Under the business philosophy of Quality First, Reputation Most, Management oriented and Sincere Service, we strictly control all processes from R&D, production to transportation.

6. International Marketing

Homebutler Washing Powder has been exported to over 100 countries and regions. Our main markets are South American and African countries including Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Trinidad Tobago, Panama, etc.. We have rich experience in exporting to South America, which brings more quality assurance and more guarantees of comprehensive after-sales service.


Natural Plant Essence, Clean and Safe

1.Highly effective active matters, Anti-sediment particles, Deep cleansing, For both hand washing and machine washing;

2.No phosphorus contained, Easy to dissolve and rinse, Smooth and nonfading, Making clothes bright as new, fluffy and soft;

3.Rich in plant essence, Gentle to hands, Flower and nature fragrance available, Fresh and elegant.


Applicable Range

Applicable to cotton, linen, chemical fiber, kids clothing, white clothes, underwear, etc.;

Capable of washing away sweat, mud, oil, milk and fruit juice on clothes, etc..